Every once in a while a venue comes along that shakes up a city and changes the game, her name is Catalina

There’s rooftop bars, but then there’s this rooftop bar – 1500sqm of luxe, elevated landscape boasting an open air terrace, prestige restaurant, and Australia’s first non-residential tower infinity pool surrounded by Mediterranean cabana’s and an A-Class bar. Calling South Brisbane’s skyline home, this is Catalina Rooftop.

Merging the most indulgent aspects of the world’s idyllic beachside and rooftop destinations with premium dining, Catalina is elevating Brisbane’s bar and restaurant scene to new heights – in all aspects as of February 18th.

With no passport needed, the Mediterranean-esque paradise is offering an unparalleled experience Brisbane is yet to see. While the skyline is breathtaking, it’s the 30 meter infinity pool that’s the real eye-catcher. With all-day lounging and Whispering Angel rosé aplenty, bright days will seamlessly merge into balmy nights as the restaurant kitchen turns up the heat.